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Spring 2010 – Schedules and Goals

Spring Quarters are finally going to start this Monday. For now, my class schedule is pretty unpredictable. Budget cut has really hit the school hard, so I can’t sign up for classes I want. So far, those are my classes:

ARCH 453 – Architectural Design 4.3

CSC 232 Comp Prog/Scientists & Enginrs

GEOL 201 – Physical Geology

As some of you may notice, other than ARCH 453, none of them are my required GE classes or intended Minor (waiting for Art History Minor to be approved – they are not notifying me until the school quarter begins). The Computer classes though, if you had read my previous post, interests me greatly.

Other things I am planning to do:

  • Go to the Friday writing class for ESL, because I need to pass my writing test one day… and I still haven’t really given up on my childhood dream of being a journalist one of these days. One day, I am going to publish at least one article or book. One day!
  • Continue to volunteer at Art Center
  • Look for ways to volunteer and help out the environment. Continue to post environmental news on my Twitter account, EcoEcoCraft
  • Finish my resume on
  • Turn in my application for the ArchiCad internship
  • Turn in my application for the Green Program Internship
  • Start on my indoor garden
  • Stalk… I mean look for jobs at Mustang Job (the school’s job bulletin) and Craigslist
  • Walk around town with resumes and look for posting about jobs. Also walk into interested stores even if they are not looking for help right now – you never know!
  • Update the stores where I turned in my resume about my new class schedule
  • Learn about computer programming – even if I got into the art history classes I need
  • Continue to study HTML and CSS
  • Aim to finally create my own WordPress theme
  • Get a start on my webfolio

*Sigh happily* So much to do, so little time~~~ *Hums and goes to work*