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Why in Art

When the usual Tuesday networking was cancel yesterday in prep for July 4th, one of the group member decided to visit the DeYoung on free Tuesday. Being an art history junkie, of course I went. We end up going a tour of Three Masterpieces, and then another on American Art. Interestingly, the docent inquire about our interest in art work (to decide which Masterpieces to go over) and what Masterpieces to us. To my own surprise, I immediately answered Aztec. The docent then later mentioned how people often thought of art as the western art, which is why the World art tour can offer a different perspective and is something that she really likes. Later on the tour, my companions mentioned that some of the native pieces are scary. While I agree – having a skull staring at you will creep most people out – I also like the creepy artworks.

Which brings the question, why? Western art definitely is what attracted me initially to art history class, and I never got Picasso’s fascination with African mask when I was younger as I was looking at his work on paper during my high school and early college years. But a visit to DeYoung sparked something. I think it is the same with my feeling toward architecture – reading about them on paper is great, but what constitute as great architecture and art… their true quality may only shine in person. Looking at the native mask and art on paper, there is no aesthetic appeal to me.¬† But seeing it in person? It struck me stronger than many of the “perfect” Western art. To me, I feel those native art are very powerful. It has a strong presence and a rich history. It is very hard to grasp that on paper – the old saying of picture don’t do it justice. If I am getting a postcard, I would prefer a beautiful Western pieces, as they are elegant in any paper medium. But in term of real physical objects, I think I may enjoyed a native art or pottery instead. Well, if it doesn’t give me a scare at night, that is.

Great looking at it in museum during daytime, not so great at 3 am.

Talking about artworks, I love those tiny adorable pottery. Wish I know how to make them:

Umm, maybe having a growling bear as an example doesn’t really matches the “adorable” image, but trust me, its adorable in person. The detail at such small scale is amazing.


Second Trip to Academy of Science

Apparently, this never got posted because I saved it as a draft, but here is a sequel of my Academy of Science visit.

Being a perfect sunny, third Wednesday at San Francisco, I headed over to the Academy of Science this afternoon (Third Wednesday means free entry). I spend the first half hour getting a Pomegranate Paradise at Jumbo Juice (They were having a one dollar sale for “Superfruit Smoothie”. It’s a long, long line.) I got a very creamy and spongy coffee cake at a nearby Chinese bakery (in a Chinese bakery, when they say coffee cake, they mean “coffee” and “cake” separately. It is rectangular and soft coffee-flavored sponge cake with whipped cream layer – not the cake that people eat with coffee.)

The entry is crowded with people, but the line is fairly quick. Meanwhile, I took a look at the DeYoung. The skin’s getting darker, I think… (the copper skin, which is supposed to change color with time)

When I entered, I was greeted by Mr. Dinosaur. Cute.

This time I am smarter, and I went straight to the green roof:

It’s so lovely! You can see the rock that serves as drainage guide, creating the grey crossing. The entire roof is covered by seas of purple flowers and green grass. Flowers are blooming, birds are chipping – they even have a little machine you can turn to hear the sound records of different birds. Very fun.

The roof look like it is really alive and breathing, especially with the rooftop openings.

Solar panel, the perfect resting places for pigeons. They seems to enjoy sitting at the edge and hanging out with their friends. The kids like to run around too. It’s pretty safe though. Behind the railing is solar panels and a lot more fields of green. Climbing over it would already draw attention. The parents have to be really air-headed to not notice it.

I took some picture, but it was too far to see in a photo. Being on the roof give you a really nice view of the landscape and the Classical building at the left. DeYoung is just right in front. I like this rooftop more than the tower of DeYoung, since I am in the air instead of tower building. My last visit to the DeYoung tower feels more restricted, where as this one is fresh and airy. But then, DeYoung is a art museum, not that the tower have any art work back then. It certainly could in the future.

Lovely view walking back down. I like the openness, which make it welcoming to even though its jam-packed with people. The waving pattern slides around the central glass sphere in a rather nice fashion. Combine with the sky light, it creates quite a stunning effect.

It’s nice how the light plays with the flowing structure….

After that, as always, I went to the aquarium. I wanted to go to the tropical forest part and the planetarium, but I missed them again because they are packed on free days like this. Next time, I should just set up an alarm clock to come in at 8 in the morning….

But then, I don’t think I can ever get bored with visiting the aquarium. Looking at them is always fun, and they have some new collection.

The turtle is still there though. It moves so slowly everyone though it may be just a statue for a moment. Until it begins to eat paper.

No, seriously, it was eating paper.  Apparently, someone dropped their brochure. The turtle tear it up and shared it with his fellow fishy friends.

I was tempted to contact an employee, but they are no where in sight. I hope they are ok…

They got more jelly fish now! Love jelly fish. (And dolphin, even though they don’t have it here.) They would be perfect for Halloween, with their glow-in-the-dark feature. They just have a small problem of being a bit deadly poisonous, but they are cute, aren’t they?

Giant fish! It’s as big as a kid! Couldn’t tell the scale from a photo shot, but it was amazing to watch.

I also got to touch a starfish later. There is always something to do in the Academy……. Hopefully, I can go there soon again!