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Starting School – Again, Plus a New Job and a Possible New Laptop

I just started reading my first computer textbook today. I don’t know should I be happy or sad that I find the first chapter basic. Granted, this is a 101 course, but the class fee… even if it’s a first week of class, I want to help jump right to HTM instead of browsers 101- and I am not even suppose to start on the book this week.
A quick update on my life. I completed my airline agent training, but they have been taking a long time in deciding to hire me or not, and the paper work took a while too, so I am not sure what’s going on any more. Meanwhile, I was hired to help with the Print Center at Office Depot, which I am please in that the work’s at least slightly related to architecture. Plus, I was thinking about expanding my professional skill to graphic or web design before I learned of my new job. I already volunteered at as graphic designer at SF Botanical Garden, but a more comprehensive knowledge and a certificate would be nice. So now I am officially starting my first computer course at CCSF, which can lead to a website development or web programming certificate. Plus, I am also taking a Revit class! If all goes well, I would develop more advanced drafting skills, plus a computer science skill. Of course, I have to see how I like the 101 – more correctly the CNIT 131 – course first.
Talking about Revit, I decided to work on my homework today on campus. To my surprise, the lab was empty! Not a single window blind or computer was opened. I know it is the first week, but the lab is probably not going in the weekends, and we have the Martin Luther King’s Day right afterward! Sure there’s the possibility of working at home with a laptop, but the screen would be no where as a desktop, and it is always better to work away from home in my experience. I was really hoping to meet some classmates too. It feels strange to be in an architecture class where I don’t know my classmates at all for once. Eventually a girl did came in, but she wasn’t in my class. Not that I got to stay long – I think I arrived at 3 pm. Someone came in a while later to let us know that the lab is closing early today. Turned out he was the Architecture Department Head, and the other girl is taking Studio Max – Studio Max! I would love to give that a try. Not only that, he also let know that the school computer has Rhino, and it seems like universities’, or at least CP’s, focus in design but not computer skill teachings are quite well-known. Not only that, the CCSF’s architecture department uses Cloud for turning in assignment. I am quite surprise, as CP still uses CDs and occasionally emails. It used to drive me nuts because my Macbook DVD driver dies easy, and I don’t really wants to think about CD covers and running to computer labs when there’s deadline. Ah, the advantage of city schools.
He also mentioned tutors, which is nice bonus. Although unlike CP labs, their labs don’t open late or weekend, which is extremely inconvenience. With my daytime job, the only way I can do my assignments is with my dad’s old desktop computer. My Macbook now only holds 2 GB – one of my memory card slot is damage, and somehow my computer can’t do bootcamp because of the damaged card slot. Sure I could send in for a new memory card slot, but with the state of my computer and the cost for the fix, I would be better off buying a new laptop. Using duo-platform would probably tax my computer too much and bring it to an early grave. I think I will be fine with mostly working at home though. I know that people talk about learning curve differences, but I am a quick learner when it comes to visual programs. Besides, Revit seems pretty close to ArchiCad that.  All BIM ultimately comes from the same reason and goal anyway. But I would love more time to play with the program, and my dad’s computer is just like that – dad’s computer.
Since a new laptop is needed for the imminent demise of my loved but aging MacBook, I will probably do a posting on laptops that I am considering – a few years ago I would have automatically go for another Apple laptop, but with the repair-unfriendly Macbook Pro and the discontinuation of the more cost-efficient and repair-friendly Macbook Core 2 Duo (namely, the famous White MacBook), Apple laptop is no longer anywhere on my purchase list – top or bottom. Maybe if I will consider iPad if want to get a netbook, but one where I can’t even change the battery? I don’t know…
I will probably also do a posting on how my Print Center jobs is like later as well. For now though, I think I will stop for the day and get some rest – my CNIT class is an online course, but we have an optional orientation tomorrow. I look forward to it!


MacBook Sleeping Problem – SOLVED!

*Happy tribual dance*

Now, not everyone have the same type of MacBook sleeping problem as I do, but for those who have MacBook sleeping problem because of their Airport, I have find a possible solution: Wireless Sleeper by Tao Effect, download from CNET’s

Let me explain about the MacBook sleeping problem first, for those who may be new to MacBook:

Macbook’s Airport and Bluebooth features automatically scan even who you close the lid. For some computer, that may not be an problem. But, for some, their MacBook would go to sleep, and then suddenly wakes up. Each time MacBook wakes up from sleep, it’s hardware restart. Having this constantly happening takes a heavy troll on the hardware, and the computer will heat up to the point where you can use it as hand-warmer in winter . The ventilation fan will thus go haywire, trying to cool the computer down to prevent damages to machine. Not only is this hard on the battery, this is also hard on the computer itself.

There may also be other cause:

There could be other reason that MacBook isn’t sleeping. The MacBook is, afterall, a machine. The longer you use them, the more problems occur. I mean, we dump them into bags, swig them around while we ran to school or work, download gazilion of different stuff, force shut down when things goes wrong, go on the internet and plug in friend’s USB without much protection because we know there’s a low chance of getting viruses

Maybe part of your computer’s interior was damaged or came loose. Sometimes it may be a bug in your computer. It can be a hardware problem, it can be a software problem. Sometimes, it may seem like your computer jsut want to throw a tantrum.

So, how we idenify a sleeping problem that came from the Airport?

It’s actaully quit simple. If your computer goes to sleep properly and it’s light “breath” for a while (Breath as in: the light dims, then lights up), then wake up, it’s most likely an Airport or Bluetooth problem since it imply that the laptop is scanning for connections. If your laptop’s light never dim even once, and that happens every time your computer refuse to sleep, then it may be an hard/software problem.

So, what do we do if it’s an Airport/Bluetooth problem:

This is also simply: just turned both the Airport and Bluetooth feature everytime you put your computer sleep.

Of course, that’s annoying for those. like me, who uses Airport all the time. Sometimes we just forget, and we come home to a hand-burning laptop:

So there’s a secondary, back up solution: Wireless Sleeper

Using this download, MacBook’s Aireport feature will turn off the moment it sleep, which is just plain convenient.

Of course, this a new download, so I am not sure if it works as well as it says. I guess I will have to see!