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New Craft Obsession: It’s All About the Way We Dress

I have a new obsession now. One that I do while taking the bus or waiting for pages or files to load. One that lets me play with color. One which creates products can be use on a daily basis. One that takes a long time to finish and therefore will not deplete my wallet quickly. One that makes me purl.

Nope, I didn’t misspell that word for those with careful eyes. Though I guess purr instead purl also work in this case. My new obsession is, in fact, knitting. With yarns that cats love so very much. I’ve been obsessing over it for close to a year now. I have quickly discovered that how colors match with the pattern really makes a different in knitting, that there’s a real big differences between 5.5mm and 6.5mm (at least in term of needle size), that yarn work encourages one to practice on their algebra, and that I will have to resize everything I knit because I got the body and head size of a child.

It is great for self-exploration, isn’t it?

Really, though, it’s fun. I like matching the color with the right pattern, and I like seeing how changing my knitting method creates changes the whole projects. It feels almost like magic, and I can’t wait until I am good enough to create my own pattern. I just updated my profile on the knitting network Ravelry today. Since this blog is about my trying new things and exploring the my surrounding environment, I figure I should post it here too – with insert from my Ravelry comments:

Overall Knit ProjectsHere’s my overall projects. My first one was the scarf:

Amethyst Scarf Amethyst Scarf Detail

“The first scarf that I made that are to my liking. My actual first one is done all in knits, pretty much just a practice scarf. I had, in fact, took my first scarf apart and reuse the yarn in this one. The variegated color scheme works very well for this pattern.”

Summer Hat

“Since most Western size is too small for me, naturally I started the smallest size. Since this is my first time knitting hat and I decided to be cheap and used 5.5mm needles thinking it’s ‘close enough’, naturally I miscalculated the stitches needed and probably miscounted later too.
This is all a round-about way to say that the hat is the size of an small child’s head. Since I am not a child any more, naturally it barely fits.
Maybe one day I will have a kid and inflict the terror call ‘my first hat’ to her.
… On the other, that is too much of a terror even if a kid is oblivious of terrible knitting skills.

My terrible knitting skill aside, the hat is pretty simple to made. The repeated white, v-pattern hat and my black hair makes too strong of a contrast though, so I added a black ribbon to tie the color scheme up. If I tried it again, I will either use some darker, possibly variegated yarn.”

Rose Petal Hat 1 Rose Petal Hat 2

“Beautiful 3 leaf pattern!
Though, the text pattern did missed some of the stitches. Namely:

  • Row 6: should have fcp after p2
  • Row 8: Should have k after p3

It’s a good idea to check the text before knitting the row and see if there’s a correct number of total stitches whenever there’s an increase or decrease. Otherwise, lovely hat.
Sadly, since this is 2nd time I brought yarn and the brand instruction’s in Japanese, I brought one that was a bit too thick. It ended up being slightly bulky for me. But the thickness does close the gaps, and with the deep red yarn, it now reminds me of rose petals.”