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Sinister Chair

That… is an interesting chair. Even sat on a stabbed person before? Not literally… or is it? :D

The photo is from Freshome. An interesting post there…


Fun Sites: Goodread & DailyLit

I came across two interesting site today – for me anyway.

They are both related to my book-loving interest.

The first one is Goodread. It is basically an internet bookshelve with personal reviews pin to each book. I can record what book I had read in the past, and offer my view on it. Along the way, I can meet people with similiar interest. The profile also have a area for placing quotes, and I spent a hour laughing my heads off reading hilarious quotes. (Me silly? Yes!)

Then there’s DailyLit. This one also is a bookshelves with person review pins. But it’s coolest function is that let you read online! They offered some classical books for free by sending small phases or chapters to you at a time slot you selected. I always wanted to read books by Jane Austin after I watched the movie – now is my chance.

I love being a bookworm, and I am absolutely proud about it! There’s nothing wrong with have a great taste in entertainment and educating oneself should never be something to be ashamed of! Those who insults it are the real idiots. As a result, I had proudly created a avatar for all book-lovers, as posted in my DeviantArt!

I have also begin to put all my arts in DeviantArt. Take a look at my Blogroll at my blog’s sidebar for links to my DeviantArt, Goodreads, and Daily Lit!