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Gain a pen. Lost a pen.


As an artistic person, pen matters. As such, a few days ago, when I saw a retro-style Stylist and Pen from Kirkland in a new store that I discover (which by the way, have clock made from bike chain and a corner dedicated to knitting – love!), I was sold. I handed over 5 bucks for the pen, and 2 bucks for a knitting magazine with an adorable pattern that I like, then hop on my bike and went on my merry way.

Here is some photo of the pen, which  by the way, was supposed to be refill with a Cross 8513 cartridge and not a Kirkland brand:

Kirkland Retro Pen + Stylist
Before I went, I took some photo of the store:Serendipity A-Frame Sign

Serendipity Interior

The store is call Serendipty, and it is over at 19th and Valencia Street.
Isn’t this beautiful? A corner of yarns in San Francisco! I thought I can only see similar scene in Imagknit, the SF yarn shop that every knitter heard of if they live in SF, since it was suppose to the only yarn shop in the city.
Fast forward to later afternoon, I opened my backpack to check out my new pen collection, only to discover my fountain pen, Sheaffer VFM, has gone missing.
I want to comfort myself by saying it is destined that I found a new pen the day I lost my old pen, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that the pen I lost was a fountain pen triple the price of my new ballpoint pen.
Insert depressing signs.
I guess I can comfort myself by saying that I can try another fountain pen. To be honest, the cap on VFM is quite irritating. It doesn’t cap onto the end of the pen, so everything I write, I have to find a place to safely place my cap. I can’t count the number of times it roll off and drop onto a ground with very, very audible click (the cap is metal). I will have to make sure my next pen don’t do that.
Meanwhile, a day later I saw this guy on Dwell’s email:

Kaweco’s Classic Sport Fountain Pen

Quite cute in design, but it’s acrylic. I want metal. I want a solid weight.
Which by the way, leads me to my review of my new Kirkland pen, and one of the reason why I adore:
It have a good, heavy weight that makes writing in good hand-writing a pleasure.
At first glance, I thought it was made of light-weight plastic, but the pen construction is actually very sturdy and solid. For a ballpoint pen, the ink flow is good. Adding in the stylist, it is combination of retro, modern, and craftsmanship. It makes me feel awesome about writing in class. The fact that I flip it over immediately to change something on my tablet or laptop is definitely a great bonus.

Which begs the question – what fountain pen should I get. I want something other than Sheaffer this time around. Still want a metal barrel and some weight, but a better cap this time. I don’t need a calligraphy nib this time since I got a Viewpoint, but it wouldn’t hurt if it does. Choices, choices… well, I guess I will visit Sunset Stationary this Friday. Maybe I can brainstorm with the staff. Sunset Stationary is this cute little stationary store in… well, Sunset district. I have been going to it since high school. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and they have some cute stuff. Speaking of which, I need a new journal and maybe some stamp for my new scrapbook (I got tired of the random magazine cutout and postal stamps that I have stacked up together. I have purchase a scrapbook and plan to make something out of that stack, eventually). I also need to renew my DeYoung membership. Hmm… sounds like it is going to be a busy Friday.


Looking into Reuse Furniture

Thought I would look into some reused furniture and other random inspiration. Here’s my top pick of the day:

As always, design-idea-window-shopping for me equals to a quick stop at Vinyl wall sticker. Very fun… ( :

Of course, the erasable writing walls by IdeaPaint is brilliant as well. Even architecture students like us would like them… actually, I think most architect and students would be in love? ( :

Oh, this sentence here is just brilliant! Totally fits, doesn’t it?

This is one light chair! Just a simple, 2.5mm aluminum sheet chair (

Not related to my design, but too cute not to include. Who knows, maybe it will inspire something else later! (

But alas, the golden finding today is here – 20 different furniture that reuse ordinary objects. Amazing what our brains can come up with! ( Here’s three of the furniture that I particularly like.

Kid’s dream come true (You know, the many time when you want to jump on that shopping cart and zip-zap across the grocery store?), thanks to Reestore

Then there is the design of using light fixture as light fixture.

No. I didn’t accidentally repeat myself.

Castor Canadensis uses old fluorescent light… to make a new light fixture!

Andrew Gregg’s Tire Chair is quite innovative and well-made as well. I like how the tire is made in a way that gives a new image to tire.

Ipod Theme Bedding!?

Well, I don’t have an ipod myself – don’t need all that function. I still have my good old Tmobile, with Pay to Go Service.
But as they say, when in Rome… I can always go for an Ipod Theme Bedding instead!

Again, got it from Freshhome at Love that site!

Sinister Chair

That… is an interesting chair. Even sat on a stabbed person before? Not literally… or is it? :D

The photo is from Freshome. An interesting post there…