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Looking into Reuse Furniture

Thought I would look into some reused furniture and other random inspiration. Here’s my top pick of the day:

As always, design-idea-window-shopping for me equals to a quick stop at Vinyl wall sticker. Very fun… ( :

Of course, the erasable writing walls by IdeaPaint is brilliant as well. Even architecture students like us would like them… actually, I think most architect and students would be in love? ( :

Oh, this sentence here is just brilliant! Totally fits, doesn’t it?

This is one light chair! Just a simple, 2.5mm aluminum sheet chair (

Not related to my design, but too cute not to include. Who knows, maybe it will inspire something else later! (

But alas, the golden finding today is here – 20 different furniture that reuse ordinary objects. Amazing what our brains can come up with! ( Here’s three of the furniture that I particularly like.

Kid’s dream come true (You know, the many time when you want to jump on that shopping cart and zip-zap across the grocery store?), thanks to Reestore

Then there is the design of using light fixture as light fixture.

No. I didn’t accidentally repeat myself.

Castor Canadensis uses old fluorescent light… to make a new light fixture!

Andrew Gregg’s Tire Chair is quite innovative and well-made as well. I like how the tire is made in a way that gives a new image to tire.


Ipod Theme Bedding!?

Well, I don’t have an ipod myself – don’t need all that function. I still have my good old Tmobile, with Pay to Go Service.
But as they say, when in Rome… I can always go for an Ipod Theme Bedding instead!

Again, got it from Freshhome at Love that site!

Sinister Chair

That… is an interesting chair. Even sat on a stabbed person before? Not literally… or is it? :D

The photo is from Freshome. An interesting post there…