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Cal Poly CSI Construction Sciences Forum 2010

Today, I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and walked into the CSI dinner event for the Construction Sciences Forum. You may wonder why I was freaking about a dinner, but it was dinner with professionals, so I was a tipsy-bit nervous. Still, the dinner was only $5, and I am interested in what is going on, so in I go!

In case you are all wondering – no, this has nothing do to the Biology/Chemistry science. Actually, I am not sure why they put the world “science” in, but then construction is science, and I guess it sounds better than just Construction Forum.

This is an annual event host by the local CSI student club. CSI stands for Construction Specifications Institute. There is also AIAS, which stands for American Institute of Architecture Students. CSI and AIA (notice the missing S) are all professional organization for the trades. While we are in school, we can join the student-club version of them. I just renewed membership for CSI Student Club this year, because I am interested in the project they are doing.

The Construction Sciences Forum is hold by the Cal Poly CSI each year. First you have the Exhibit and Product show, then you have dinner with panel discussion. Unfortunately, I missed the morning show because of class, so when Terra from CSI wrote about the dinner on the whiteboard and told me that I can go for $5, I decided to go! I told myself that I will try out all the different activities on campus that I am interested in, after all. Besides, I went to the Emerging Green Builder meeting yesterday even though I missed the first meeting, and the meeting yesterday had went well.

At first it was bit nervous for me, because the dinner thing look FORMAL. Everyone was dressed in business casual other than the volunteers, the tables were laid out with white cloths and glass bowls of water with cute tea candles and colored marbles, and I didn’t see any students! There was eventually students, but only about five or six. Fortunately, my friend Shelly happen to come by! She sat down next to me, we started chatting. The dinner was a bit late, but it did smell pretty good. The two of us went to get our food, and we have beef and turkey stripes, salad, bean soup, cookies, and beverage of our choice (Both of us stick to water bottles – not much healthy drinks there, and anyone who know knows I don’t like coke’s texture). The food was good, and I like the beef in particular.

To my surprise, my studio professor Margot also came and sat down next to us. It turned out (to all three of our surprise – yes, there is a lot of surprise today!) that she had help Shelly in her Minor before as a college adviser. We ended up talking quite a bit about minoring. The CSI student president and another architecture student also joined our table. The conversation ended up quite interesting. I was particularly interested when Margot talked about a preservation class she taught (Actually, it was more than interested. I was positively enthusiastic and asked her what is the class two times. Now that I think about it, it is quite embarrassing. But then, I really do like art history and preservation work…). She talked about the preservation work her class had done, and the internship of another student in that subject – I really wish I had the chance to attend that class. Hopefully, she will offer it in the future.

Meanwhile, I have officially been accepted in Art History minor!!!

The art history class I am taking right now is… energizing even at 9 AM in the morning.

Well, back to the forum. The panel discussion turn out much more intriguing than I imagine. The Professional Practice class I took during my San Francisco Internship really comes to use here. I became much more interested in the process of the panelist’s building (which is the Rec Center on campus in this case) since I can understand what they are talking about – both in their terms and in their jokes. The forum was actually more light-tone than I imagine, so humor did come in quite a bit.

The introduction was quite funny. I didn’t notice it, but a bunch of students had gathered up behind me. When we introduced ourself, there was a certain moment when everyone said that they are first year architecture students in the back-row. It was quite obviously a class assignment for the first year class. The last person finally stood up, and at the end of the introduction where you were supposed to say why you are here, he freely admitted that this is required in his class. Everyone bursted into laughter and quite a bit of people clapped (Me included).

The questions that other asked was quite fascinating as well. Architecture is really constantly changing field – you can always learn more, and nothing can replace the knowledge you gain from experience and staying up with news. Learning at forum like this can be extremely beneficial, as is in this case.

Oh, and I won the student ticket lottery. I got a DVD about 2009 Fall Forum of International Partnering Institute (Which I really have not idea what it means, I will check it out later) and a book titled “Partner your Project”. Considering the fact that I am taking an interdisciplinary studio course that requires me to work with all other CAED majors (CM, ARCE, LARCH, and maybe CRP later), it is going to be one handy book I think.

All in all, it was day went well!