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Crash Waitlist Class – Mission Success! Get a Job? Also Mission Success!

Patience is a virtue.

Like last Winter Quarter, I got waitlisted for the classes I want. But like last quarter, I patiently went and sat in for all possible classes even if I got in one of my “ok” classes. And now, I got the best classes I can hope to get!

I sit through all the class section of Buddhist Art (the require class of my Art History Minor), and I email the teacher to let her know my situation: I can only possibly attend two of her three section classes, and I am waitlisted for both two. I know my chance is low because a) I am at the end of waitlist for both class, and b) even though I am a senior, I am not graduating (BArch degree is a five year program). But I am genuinely interested (Which is very true. It’s a class that studies culture, art, and religion all at once!) . Then I ask her to let me know if someone drop the class by the add-drop deadline, because I will add her class for sure – very eagerly.
Appearally, I make a strong impression with the email and presence in the class. She remember me very well and wanted to add me in the class because I was so patient about it. So I got in!!!

Once again, I am amazed at how well people remember me. I have a lot of people that I meet for the first time whom told me they always notice me on campus. We have a low Asian population in the school, but its not that low.

But then, I am only 4′-11″ and always running around. (My leg is short – it takes longer for me to get around!)

I also mange to get into a Geography class related to climate and ecology. The teacher pulled out maps the first day of class, which scared me slightly. But after the first day, I know it is going to be one interesting class! It will combine ecology science and cultural humanity together. He talked about the scientific aspect of the subject, but he brings to a more human-culture scale.

It is also a class that can be use for both the Sustainability Minor and Anthropology-Geography Minor, should I choose to apply for one of them. I am very interested in the Ant-Geog Minor right now. They have Archeology classes and GIS classes! If I can get into Cultural Anthropology class in the summer, I am applying for the Minor!

Unfortunately, that means I would drop the Soil Science class I got in earlier. That class sounds interesting, but it doesn’t fulfill any Minor requirement , and I know it would not be very smart to do 16 units with a job, volunteer work, and architecture studio unless I actually need to. Maybe I should try it for the summer?

So here’s my new schedule:

  • ARCH 453-03 Architectural Design 4.3
  • ART 318-02 Asian Art Topic: National, Religious, & Intellectual Movement
  • GEOG 325-01 Climate and Humanity

Also, all my job hunt effort is starting to pay off. I got a job in the school library. Those whom know me for a long time knows that I practically lived at the library when I was in San Francisco. In fact, I even got into the Teen Advisory Council in the Sunset District Library. It is the ideal job for a bookworm like me.
Not only that, I got an interview from the Library’s Information Technology section! I am not a Computer Science Major, but I have gather some computer skill over the four years of Architecture classes. I am definitely going to give it my best try. Wish me luck!