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First Day at the Airport

9:12 AM
I recently got hired for a part time position at the airport. Today will be my first day of work. The makeup part is a hassle, and I hate commuting on the Highway by car everyday, but at least the working-at-airport aspect will be fun. I have always like being in the airport and airplane as a child, traveling from Hong Kong and US – even that time when I got lost as a ten year old. Speaking of which, I hope I don’t get lost again…

9:20 AM
Oh my god! As I went up on the escalator, I was greet by a curtain of simmering steel wave that clings onto the atrium wall between stories. Turns out it was steel disk, linked together. Will take picture tomorrow.


9:32 AM
Got there! Love the building tress work.


And found it nice that the decoration pieces hides the light bulb in a very unnoticeable manner.


Hmm, bicycles are everywhere! I think the bicycle goddess is trying to cheer me up knowing that I have to commute on the highway.

6:25 PM
Home sweet home! Until next time!