… Internet Began In Department of Defense? And CCSF Offers Ethnic Hacking Certificates?

Internet had began in the US Department of Defense.

… The thought never even cross my mind before. I have to say, I am quite surprise. I have heard that many of our technologies were originally developed by the government’s defense and engineering teams. Just take instant noodle for example: originally developed for the astronaut in Japan to eat in space. But the internet. Wow. With the trouble it created for the government entities in term of information leaks and legal law restructure, talk about irony.

I also started looking more into different courses and certification offered by CCSF. At first, I have a singular goal – I wanted to give web development a try. I like graphic designing work for the Botanical Garden, and if I can get a handle on web design techniques, I can expand my design skills on a wider level. Me being me, I want to understand the background work too, so web programming seems like a good path. But after my teacher’s first day orientation, and I looked further into the courses offered by CCSF. Something had caught my eyes back then.

Ethical Hacking Certificates.

I can’t believe there’s a certificates for ethical hacking, and an entire course work to go with it. I don’t think school would want to encourage hacking, after all. Upon further reading, turns out it is a course on network security. It’s kind of like how doctor would take class on toxicity. A person who work in network security can’t fight hackers if they don’t know how hacking works themselves. Since they are learning hacking for a ethical reason, thus the certification.

The name is really fun though. My cousin told me that I should take the course just for the name’s sake. Not that I would have much use for it – I am a Mac user, and our hacking threat is much less. Although, I have to say, the ideal of being able to understand network threats and how to build a computer structure to defend does sound kind of fun. It’s almost like being a police investigator, without the physical danger.

If I do get into web programming as an additional career path, it would be nice if I can build website that safe against hacking. I think I may end up taking a class or two on network security down the line. I doubt I will get an actual certificates – the web programming certificate coursework would keep me busy enough – but an extra class will only help.


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