Weeds, Begone!!!!

It is strangely satisfying to meticulously weed out box after box of tiny succulent container. Well, not so much when I turned the said container around and got the shock of life because there is giant snail right next to my finger, but the weed part is definitely satisfying.

Of course, I don’t have boxes of succulent at my house. No, this is me at San Francisco Botanical Garden, enjoying my first day of volunteering. I had finally followed through my desire to volunteer at a local garden/park. I am going to be helping at the nursery, and I will start helping with GIS and graphic design later on. Today though, it is mainly nursery tour and walk.

We started at 10AM and was suppose to end at 2PM. Me being me, went accidentally overtime by half hour without noticing. It’s a good thing I learned my lesson as outdoor Route Rabbit at Sunday Street – where I bike around checking up on volunteers and jay-driver (car that wonders into closed off, pedestrian only streets) – regarding the importance of sunscreen. I probably didn’t burn myself this time.

I did, however, neglected to bring my own gardening glove, lunch cash, and cap – though the nursery did provided backup, as no one actually brought any of those for their first day except for the cash part.

While browsing SFBG, I kept seeing this Poppy:

Since I left my camera at home, here is a stunning photo I found at an online store named Annie’s Annual.

Turns out it is is called the Ladybird poppy (Papaver commutatum), a heirloom flower (though the word Ladybird is a British way of calling Ladybug, which is strangely not Californian at all. I guess the botanist naming the flower is Britain???). The petal appears to have a paper like texture, yet it is smooth and soft like a regular petal when I touch it. The contrast of crimson red and black seems to set the petals on fire in a scenery of green and brown. A truly puzzling yet stunning sight.

Sadly, I didn’t have my watercolor kit with me either. Next time, next time.

After helping at the nursery, I am going to start helping in graphic design next Monday, and hopefully learn some GIS soon. Gardening and design, two of my favorites all in one!


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